Making only Paint glow?

Hi, I’ve been trying to make just the painted bits glow, is this possible,?
Here there’s a blue blob that follows a man walking & there’s a white line down the sign post, (no reason except experimentation) the glow is pink,
When I used the Paint Only tab it shrinks the working area to a part surrounding the paint but not just the paint, so the glow ends up glowing everything in that box,

This is just to show the Paint Only bits,


PS here’s a couple more images just to show those boxes & how thhe glow affects everything within them, not just the paint.

Did you painted the strokes only with RGB, or RGB +alpha ?

Try connecting the nodes like this. That should limit the glow only to the areas where the paint strokes are. If the glowing spreads too far, adjust the brightness value in the UltraGlow

Is this what you’re looking for?

Hi, I don’t know about the RGB, or RGB +alpha, it’s the default settings in the pic below.

That is how my first picture above is connected but here it is again. you can see how the pink glow affects everything within the box around the paint,

Here’s the Paint Only boxes I mention

Hi, Can you explain this, poss a reason why Glow affects these rectangle boxes/areas.

I’ve disconnected everything & made the source an empty png but the paint that i did earlier seems to hold onto the background & shows even though it’s not connected any more?

Ok sort of getting there, I used a blank transparent png as the input so there is no background to glow, I can then composite the orig image in later :+1:
I did try a similar thing earlier with a Color but I then had to key out that colour which left a ghost around the feathered edges of the glow, using this png means there’s nothing to remove,

Try selecting the Paint node, and then click on “Rebuild” in the paint history. This should help you get rid of rectangles. Does it help?


I’ll have a look & see what that does & if it helps but Ben commented on another post with an option that worked out well.
Thanks for your help :+1:

This link has the solution to making just the Paint glow,