Man "is implemented in both" errors in After Effect Log

I noticed in the after effects log that the Mocha plugins are implementing the same methods… it look like I have the following plugins installed

In Application Folder:

mocha shape converter for AE.plugin

mocha shape for After Effects

in Libraries/application support/adove/plug-ins/cc

mocha 3d track importer for AE

mocha lens importer for AE.plugin


Should all of these be installed? Are the conflicts in the logs normal?

Yes, all of these should be installed.

  • Shape Converter handles the conversion of our shape data to AE Masks. This is "Paste mocha mask" in the edit menu.
  • mocha shape is the actual shape effect when you paste from the clipboard directly
  • 3D track importer handles camera solve data from mocha Plus or mocha Pro
  • Lens importer handles lens calibration data from mocha Plus or mocha Pro
What conflicts are you seeing?