Manipulating Surface Tool in Mocha Pro

Hi! I’'m wondering if there’s a way to lasso corners in the Surface Tool, so I could move just the top corners independently of the bottom two. I’m tracking a phone and I’d love to be able to skew the corners. I hope this makes sense. I’m using V5.6.0. Thanks for any help or insight!

Hi Steve,

Not in V5, unfortunately, that’s a new feature we added for Mocha Pro 2019 though. So in the newest version of Mocha you can transform the surface tool but not in older versions.


Thanks Mary! I guess it’s time to upgrade! Is that “safe” if I have live jobs using version 5? I received a notice for an upgrade not too long ago, but I’ve been holding back.

Thanks again!

It should be safe to upgrade, and you don’t have to remove V5 to install Mocha Pro 2019, so if you run into any hiccups, you can fall back to V5.

You can also try a trial of Mocha Pro 2019 and test it out, you can contact the sales team for a trial: Boris FX | Contact Us