Manual and Adjust Track

Hey Everyone,

In Help, there is a Manual option. Does this not work for everyone else?

Also, I have watched every tutorial on Mocha, is there a “adjust track” for dummies tutorial - I have no clue on how to use it.


Thanks for the help.

I now understand Adjust track is just for adjusting ‘surfaces’ on a 4 corner pin.

So if I am roto-ing an organic shape, the Adjust Track function is useless to me huh?

Manual track is used to expose the surface keyframes after tracking. I would steer away from editing manually if you cam.

I would recommend checking out the following tutorials:

This one is for monet but relevent in concept and tool behavior:


This is correct. Adjust represents the surface keyframes to export out as track data. For roto work, you pretty much don’t need to adjust.