Manual for using Silhouette node in Davinci Resolve Fusion Tab?

Got a Silhouette project with a rotoshape and opened in in Davinci Resolve via the OFX plugin in the Fusion tab. The footage the shape was created from is in the Resolve timeline. I selected the clip and switched to the Fusion tab. I connected MediaIn and Out to the Silhouette node In- and Output. I could open the Silhouette interface from there and the Silhouette project with the rotoshape in the interface. So far so good.

What I need now is a hint to a manual or tutorial of how I work with the OFX Plugin in Davinci Resolve. Or to be precise, how to make Resolve understand the shape in Silhouette for compositing.

Thank you!

When you create the Silhouette project, make sure you select a Roto as the project type.

Once you create your roto shapes, save the Silhouette project and exit back to Resolve, the Render pop-up is automatically set to Roto.
This creates a RGBA cutout. Back in the Edit tab, if you place a video track below your current track, the compositing will be automatic.

For other information on using Silhouette in the Edit and Color tabs in Resolve, see:
Resolve - Working with Alpha

Thank you! This helped a lot!