Manual masking

Hello there. I’m new to Mocha and i’ve been trying to figure out how to mask manually for the last few hours.
The thing is i don’t want an AI to track for me. I just want to use magnetic layer tool for every frame.
To make it clear for you to understand let’s say i’ve made a shape with magnetic layer for 1 frame and when i go to the next frame and start marking it creates another layer and when i export it to After Effects it creates 2 masks instead of 1 keyframed/animated mask. So is there an option for my situation?

We don’t currently do edge-based tracking or magnetic re-targeting like you’re after.
If you want to manually mask without tracking, you’ll need to animate the first mask by hand. You can still use the magnetic snap tools, but you’re better off doing a series of masks for different parts of the object.

Why don’t you want to use tracking?

“If you want to manually mask without tracking, you’ll need to animate the first mask by hand” You mean i’ll have to move already existing points of mask for every next frame?
Don’t get me wrong. Mocha’s tracking is cool but not for this situation. I’m masking a big object that is appearing frame by frame and tracking just doesn’t recognize the new parts of it.

Can you describe exactly what you’re trying to mask? It will help us give you a proper approach. Every approach to a shot is subjective to the way the objects in the scene are moving.

Normally you would draw a single mask (or more than one if the object is complicated) and animate the shape over time to match the edges, using tracking to help where possible. You normally shouldn’t need to keyframe every frame.
You don’t need to animate frame by frame, you start at the most revealed part of the object and animate the mask over a series of frames, and then tweak the roto as you need to.

If you’re fairly new to Mocha, I’d recommend watching the essentials series, especially the intro to roto section: Boris FX | Training Series

The thing is i am trying to mask not IRL filmed footage. It’s an animation. I just thought Mocha would be better for default masking without tracking because of magnetic layer tool. I’ll just keep manually masking with AE pen, don’t wanna waste your time.

Animation is harder to track but not impossible, however, if it is on “twos” I have definitely seen Mocha be fussy about the “repeat one frame, jump one and repeat frame” pattern. Sounds like pen for this might be your best best, but you’re not wasting our time by asking questions, it helps us know how to best plan updates to the software and anticipate needs.

Anyways thank both of you for replying.