Manual track affecting previous surface keyframes

Im having the same problem, when I manually track an obscured section it misaligns the surface on my previously automaticaly tracked section.

It’s a long shot and I don’t want to go back and start all over again! anyone please?

You need to make a keyframe in manual track by adjusting a corner of the surface on your last good frame and then you can move down the timeline and adjust the manual track without having that surface shift happen.

You can also use the new adjust track 2.0 in Mocha Pro 2021 to get out of sticky tracking situations easier. So you can try that instead of manual track to correct surface drift.

Either of those methods should work. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will be happy to help you.


Mary, it changed all the previous keyframes, I don’t have a good keyframe, all are misaligned, why is this? and how can I fix them or bring them back to the right position?, now it doesn’t let me pick Large motion, it goes automatically to Small motion… what happened? all I did was to track the first part and when it became impossible I changed to manual, then decided to skip to the last frame and track backwards (first auto and then manually) to meet the keyframes somewhere in the middle, but at some point the entire first half changed their position… how do I fix this and why did this happen?

Yes, I understand. You will have to realign your surface to the part where the main tracking data works well in “large motion” tracking, switch back to manual track, delete your manual keyframes, and start over with this technique or with Adjust Track. If it’s switching to small motion it’s because you keyframed small motion tracking in there, which you should not need to use as it is for subpixel tracking. You can delete your keyframing of the tracking parameters in the dope sheet to fix this.