Manual track spline shift bug

Hi there, I am noticing a problem that has been addressed here multiple times: Manual Track and/or Adjust track breaks surface alignment
Manual track affecting previous surface keyframes - #6 by terryfishnorfowl-com

In Mocha Pro and in Mocha AE, the spline moves away randomly at some point when tracking manually. I have not found a sufficient solution to this even though they speak of a bug fix in a previous beta version. Yet this happens to me way too often, while I still follow the protocol for manual tracking mentioned by Mary.

Is there a workaround to this known by now?

Thanks for the help, I am really frustrated with this by now and hope someone has fixed this.

Wow! I can’t believe I problem I flagged over 4 years ago is still present in the software! I only use Mocha on certain projects, and manual adjustment isn’t always necessary for the shots I do thankfully so I haven’t come across the issue lately - I just assumed it had been fixed.

I’m sure you’ve read my original thread plmllr99, but back then the workaround I reached was using a mouse instead of a wacom tablet when do manual adjustments. Not sure if you’re using a tablet?

After a lot of installing and uninstalling of old Mocha versions, I pinpointed the release of Mocha whereby manual track with a wacom stopped working. I was fairly convinced that the issue lies with Mocha rather than Wacom, and Martin & Mary said that they were working on a fix in the next beta (which, all happened back in 2016)!

Well, I just wanted to say if you’re using a tablet, try using a mouse for the manual track. It may help, it may not - but I know how frustrating these things are when you’re trying to get a project out so I wanted to post in case it did do anything to help. Best of luck!

I like to make a keyframe on the frame before I start to create a manual track, then moving to the frame I intend to create a manual track on, making another keyframe, and then adjusting the manual track. It tends to cut down on the room for error with them. Can you try that and let me know if it helps you?

You can also try pressing shift to slow your cursor movement down.