Manual Tracking

I’m just using Mocha 4 AE on a project I have already posted in CC but thought I would ask an additional question on here.
After trying to track my clip only 2 of the tracking points had any effect on the track the points mainly slipped dramatically. When I put them back to the original points they don’t seem to stay there (I am putting them on the corners of a truck and thought that they would be suitable points).
I’m having to go through frame by frame to get any kind of accuracy is that normal because if it is I can see these tracking situations taking a very long time. I have watched some of the tutorials but they mainly show easy subjects with picture that have high contrast detail BUT thats not always the case in the real world.
Many thanks

Hi everyone, I’m from Chile, SouthAmerica
First of all, have to say that this is my first forum account, I have never participate in this kind of system, for this reason, I’m sorry if I miss the point…, the thing is that I’m trying to create an explosion with AE cs4, and mocha, + Actions essentials 2, well, the problem is that the explosion looks cut when the image (camera) moves because of the “impact” of the explosion, the video (20 seconds) is about a guy walking and then something explodes and the camera goes up and down, shake, when the camera do that the expliosion is cut half… I’m learning form a tutorial on the web, I followed step by step to solve that problem,: first, go to mocha, then export trasnform data, then in AE cs4 create a null object then paste trasnform data in it, then, edit null object (desactivate scale, copy anchor position to position, then desactivate anchor position and finally change numbers in anchors position to cero) but nothing happens, my explosion is still cut when the camera
moves, need help please, the problem I have is explainned in this video (08:46 minutes) VIDEO COPILOT | After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals
sorry about my english, I’m learning :rolleyes:

I think I’m getting a little closer to sorting out one of my problems. I exported the same tracking data that I had trouble with today back into a AE project. I created a new solid made it into a small square to track onto the truck and it worked not perfectly because the track was a little out but it was the kind result I’m looking for. Then whilst typing this I tried to stumbled across the fact that I wasn’t putting the item into a comp before I was putting the tracked item into the main comp…
So all that I need to do now is get to grips with more accurate tracking of images;-)
Thanks for your help with this.

I didn’t mean using the manual track option I meant manually tracking by frame because the control points were or have moved.

Hi again, Marc,
You can up the contract in the slip tab in mocha by using the linear or log settings, as you prefer. If your track is slipping, I recommend you use adjust track to fix. But many times when the track is slipping significantly on things it should stick onto there can be a problem with the footage.
If you’d like me to take a look at your shot and see if I can figure out what is going on with your track, please email me.

I have a really hard time with the manual track.
typically I can’t move one corner or I get that camera error that won’t go away (until I cmd+Z and hit enter repeatedly).
If I move the sides of the surface, it works.

sounds like your explosion plate is either getting cropped or was cropped to start with.
I’d never use AE for that kinda thing, so I’m not sure how to trouble shoot what might be causing it to get cropped.
If it was cropped to start with, ie the explosion goes out side of the edges on the original shot/plate, then you can just scale it up to hide the edges. or some other trick.
If you scale it up, and you still see cropping in the same place, it’s probably the first issue. maybe make your pre-comp bigger? not sure.