Manually tracked x-spline instead of planar surface

Made a big mistake and am hoping there’s a work-around… any help would be hugely appreciated…

As you’ll soon read, I’m clearly new to mocha

After mocha didn’t give me the track I wanted on a shot, I manually tracked the x-spline for an entire shot instead of the surface plane… oops. This was a lot of work keyframing the x-spline exactly where I actually wanted the planar surface to be… is there any way to remove the original tracking data from the planar surface and force it to just fill the entire x-spline, essentially making my x-spline the surface plane? I’m replacing a screen, and I basically want to mask everything inside of my x spline. The x-spline that I manually moved frame by frame sits exactly at the four corners of the screen I’m trying to replace for the entirety of the shot. I know I made a big mistake, hoping there’s a work-around without having to manually track all over again.

Below is a youtube link to a screen record of my issue, thank you again!

Unfortunately, there is not. Not without writing a custom script yourself.

BUT! In order to not make this a miserable experience, just track it better. Draw a shape around the rearview mirror or whatever this is, then use add to x spline to cut out the center so you’re not tracking the video when you track the object. Next, use adjust track to correct any issues. If the reflections give you trouble, try translation only tracking.

I think you can nail this with significantly less work. Try that and let me know?