Many problems with sapphire plugin in Davinci

Hi There

I meet a lot of problems with sapphire plugins in Davinci Resolve, crashes, doesn’t work at all …
I posted already some topics here but it looks like hard to get answer.

Those plugins are paid plugins, if they work it worth it, if they don’t, it doesn’t worth it.

How to get assistance for Boris FX plugins ?



Sapphire plugins should not crash your Resolve. The best way to troubleshoot a topic like this is to fill out a support ticket here:

That’s the best way for us to get to the bottom
of it.


Hi Brian,

Thank you for your answer.
Just send a ticket (00181558) but can not get the email confirmation, so I am not able to send the video I made to show my case.


I see your case in the system from last night. I’m sure support will look at this morning and start up a conversation. Thanks for your patience.


Sapphire plugins have always had issues in Resolve since day 1. Crashing, freezing, always says video processing errors…this is inexcusible. For some reason, blackmagic and boris refuse to communicate about this and solve it once and for all.

my post is quite old. anyway at this time I contacted support. they adviced me to disable gpu for sapphire.
I have to say that since the time I disabled gpu for sapphire I really meet much less problems with sapphire in DR

I don’t get why people are so excited about Blackmagic and Resolve. Sure it’s better software but the company is just as awful as Adobe. They even demand your private data just to use their bloody forums. This alone is ridiculous and unseen. All their support boils down to “fuck off” just like Adobe. Even plugin makers are stonewalled and I’m not even talking about BorisFX here. It’s a huge reason to use one software other another and yet Blackmaigic doesn’t even do what will help them get a bigger share of the market.