Map Layers of Contours to different color channels on Export

This would be really nice. I could save a lot of time and drive space this way. That way I could send a matte to a comper and say “If you want just the windshield, it’s the red channel, if you want the tires, it’s the green channel, if you want the Body of the car, it’s the blue channel, and if you want it all together, it’s the alpha.”

I think we could just have a pulldown menu after the layer names in the export menu?

Of course, it would be completely sweet in the future (because most comping apps don’t yet support it fully) if we could just write all these layers out to EXR channels.

I was just using Motor after a few months of not using it, and I was thinking “damn, it would be sooo great if…” and I came back here to post about it, and I see that I already posted it months ago. So I would like to take this opportunity to say “Yeah! What I said already.” :slight_smile:

I have folders full of mattes, and I have to keep rendering mutiple passes, when I should be able to just render once (per 3 or 4 mattes) and import a single sequence to my compositor of choice.