Mask And Shape Refinement Sujestion

Red =Delete ,Green=Keep,Blue=compute: Photo is from Topaz Remask

Ooo, that would be slick. Remask is one of my favorite tools.

Thanks for the suggestions. We’d love to continue improving the masking process on moving shots.
Hopefully the magnetic tool in Mocha 2019 is just a baby step. :wink:

Laso it big improvement.
Mocha Standalone will not Load Magix ProRes.
You May add Support For Prores and Pro red Raw.

Shape internal 2-4 times Res and dpi than back to host setting. As well as HDR 10 or 12 bit per color mode (10 per red ,green,blue,alpha) in shape.

Check this Video On Fluid Mask 3:

Mocha will Will Magic Sharp And UpRez The Frame And or Selected Area Internal as well as work widest color gamut Ie rec2020 or rec 2100.Internal Mocha can convert all to full video levels than back to video levels of host and gamut.
The idea here remove Blue and give Mocha a more defined Shape or texture.

This Program FluidMask3 Has Local Fill brush ,Global Fill Brush for Keep and delete.And a Blent Extract Brush.The Blue lines are (thin) edges .This Program resembles Mocha with magic laso. Notice how it detected the tree and the skyier. Local Keep And Delete could be Easly Implemented in Mocha for the Shapes .
Also an import/export To Abobe Ilustrator And SVG so shape outlines can be refined from what Mocha Produces.
Also Mochaa could read in a shape Picture Alpha representing Mask And or Outline(selection).

Fluid Mask Works on Photo Shop also As Well as Topaz Remask.

This Is From Remask Would Be Remove Module. Here is A photo. Notice How Skyier is Removed In Remask.

Zooms Were done Using PhotoZoom4.

Here Is the Zoom of It.

Mocha Could Do a Internal Zoom In the Shape to clean the shape and mask.

Here is Photo of All but Skyier being removed.

Here is the Zoom:

c++ ,Python Example For HDR PHotos I believe this be done with Frames too.

Here is Public Folder For Masking Sujestion too About HDR Mand Mask Remask tiff mask is also provided.

Masking With HDR in Shape


Year’s and years ago Ultimatte demoed a similar product to this that worked on moving images - sadly that never shipped but did eventually see the light of day in a still image version called Knockout - sadly it was sold to Corel who supported it for a while but then killed it.

The Ultimatte version predated all of the keep / remove / replace type plugins including PS - I suspect the reason the moving image version never got released was because of the difficulties of generating consistent results fr to fr without noise & other artifacts - it was driven by splines not brushstrokes but functioned the same.