Mask - Edges show in the cutout

Hi everyone,

I’ve been going crazy the last 2 days trying to figure out how to fix this.
I basically rotoscoped and tracked the mountain so that I could overlay it onto my CGI elements but for some odd reason, the edges show through even without any feather. I even tried just creating a mask for Ae and using that but it is even more pronounced. The only thing i noticed is that inside Mocha, the edges are set to 3 and even if I select the point and set 0 Edge width, it turns back to the default 3.
What is going on? I basically need the bottom edge of the mask to be invisible and the top one to feather a bit.
Here are all the screenshots:

Hi, I’m sure someone can help but you need to inc more of the screen, the settings in your pictures, those pictures aren’t big enough with not enough detail, if it’s the spline /mask feather that’s question you should show it

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Hi thank you for replying. I think it has something to do with Supercomp. I noticed that the edges appear when I turn supercomp on (which I used to composit the CGI).
I made a new track because the previous one didn’t track very well so I thought of breaking the mask down into three sections. The problem of the edges showing is still present although I did find out that it happens only if I have RG Supercomp layer activated (Which I have already done all the compositing in). What could this be?

I think we will have to get @martinb and the dev team to test this, we might need your file and footage to test with. I can’t repeat this on my end, but I might not have set it up the same. Can you email maryp at with the zipped project?

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I saw you post this same question over on reddit.

If it’s a direct native AE mask, then it sounds like a problem with SuperComp, but if you’re using “Apply Matte” then you might need to expand your edge more. When you look at “view matte” is there any white at the bottom edge where you’re seeing the problem?

We need to see all the details: The layer setup in AE, the SuperComp settings, etc to tell what is going on, or as Mary suggests, the whole project.

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Thank you all for trying to help out. I solved the issue by adding Edge Erode on the layer in Supercomp, and sliding the value up a bit. For some weird reason the feathering stays but the ugly edges disappear.