Mask export problem with interlaced

I work daily with differents interlaced sources. I apply mates on it and export with the Mocha plugin ON.
When rendering in progressive i have no problem.
When rendering in interlaced, masks doesn’t render…
The only way to have a proper export in interlaced is to create AE Masks with the Mocha plugin, and then turn OFF Mocha plugin
Any ideas ?
Thank you.

In general, Mocha has trouble with interlacing, especially in Avid, though it should not have as much trouble in AE. We should double check this is expected behavior with @martinb and run some tests on our end.

In the meantime, can you try precomposing the footage and moving all attributes into the new composition before applying Mocha and seeing if that helps you for now?

Hi Mary,
Thank you for your answer.
I tried precomposing the footage but it didn’t work : there is only an export problem in interlaced.
We agree that i only precompose the future “mask footage”, and then apply Mocha on it?

You can try that, also you can try just pasting mask data on a solid as a workaround for now.