Mask intensity/opacity when back in Vegas?

Hi, in Pixel Chooser there’s options to make the mask less opaque etc.
Is there a poss more features could be added like this with the Mocha settings in Vegas?
at the moment all there is is Apply, Invert & Feather.
Just the intensity or opaqueness adjustment would be useful.

I exported the project from Mocha, then merged that project into Pixel Chooser to get the adjustment that app has but i was just curious if the adjustment could be added to Mocha

Would adjusting the video track itself work? You can adjust the opacity of the entire track.

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Sorry for the delay, i tried several different ways but couldn’t work it out,
until i did work it out, i was just getting it mixed up little, for 16yrs i used Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus, that uses B&W masks, then i moved to Vegas which works differently & now my head’s trying to get around Mocha Pro, loving it tho, makes the process quick & accurate so much more enjoyable & easier to be creative,
Yes i can use the track opacity slider, :+1: I put the replacement sky jpg in the spline insert & applied the spline mask i’d already created to limit how much that insert shows, not easy for me to explain so I put a quick screen capture vid on YT as i couldn’t post on here despite me reducing to less than 30072kb
Thanks for your help :+1::blush:
Oh yeah just emptied my bank & bought Sapphire new licence from Neil in the pop-up chat tab :man_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling::man_facepalming::woozy_face::rofl::rofl::+1::+1:
Sky replacement, Mocha Pro in Vegas Pro 19, insert layer & mask

Looks good! I’d consider using a lightly feathered mask for the edges of the trees back on top of the buildings and sky, maybe with a “darken” blending mode to make the edges less obvious.

Nice work!

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Thanks, i did a feathered edge in the other & thought i’d saved it when i Saved Project :woozy_face::man_facepalming::+1: I was rushing a bit to make that vid short. masking around the trees n plants could be a lot better but that takes so much time,
I’ll have a look at ‘darken” blending mode to make the edges less obvious’ that sounds interesting :+1:

Darken is a blending mode that basically takes any pixels darker than what is it being composited on top of and adds them over the pixels below, while leaving behind any that are lighter. So a feathered mask on your trees with “darken” would only composite trees back over the sky without adding sky. I use it all the time on sky replacements.

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Thanks for your help & suggestions, yep i sort of understand what a lot of these modes do after using Magix, Vegas & Gimp, i think for me it’s learning how they work with things like Mocha etc so thanks again :+1:
On a similar but slightly different topic, I’m watching your/Boris’s Silhouette videos, It seems that plugin is a sort of cross between Gimp/Photoshop & Mocha?
I really like both so am considering buying that,

Silhouette is a great rotopaint and rotoscoping tool, as well as a node based compositing package on it’s own. I think you will like it if you need to do a lot of paint and roto, and you should definitely check it out.

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Just bought it 2mins ago, :+1:
This is all for my own satisfaction, i don’t rally use fx in my YT vids as they are educational not entertainment & i like to keep things as real as poss without distractions, masking my no’ plate on the van & the occasional correction in the vids but that’s all.
I don’t have a life, wife, kids or pets, my tools & my Pc/software is my only enjoyment :man_facepalming::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Thankyou Mary, keep well :blush::+1::+1:

I am a big fan of doing the things that bring you joy, man. Do the thing. :slight_smile:

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