Mask shapes not animating in AE

Can’t figure out what I’m missing. First time using mocha (actually helping my son with a video project for school. He’s trying to do some simple rotoscoping to mask a clip for compositing. Everything goes great until we try to paste the data back into AE. it looks like everything works, except all we get is the first frame of the mast (which fits perfectly). If you scrub the clip the mask is completely static. Tired it a couple of different ways, “Paste mocha mask” as well as just pasting the effect. I note for both that there are no keyframes for “shape.” Any suggestions? This project has really aggravated him (for various reasons) and it is due soon. This seems to be the last hurdle for him to overcome.

The data is pasting in off the timeline. This usually happens when your clip in your edit is much longer than your comp in after effects. Simply find the keyframes on the clip in AE and move the keyframes to the proper location. We are working on a solution for this and soon will have a plugin that solves this entirely, but for right now mocha is designed to work on clips that are similar sizes to the comp.

Try that and let me know!