Masking moving object

Hi, new user of mocha vr. I get reorient and i get tracking. But i dont get Insert. when i import a 4K image it will be displayed tiny, according to the surface (i think i get that). but the image has to be the same resolution as the clip in order to mask the section correctly.

Otherwise i dont know how to get the result with the transformation tools in mocha vr?

Have a look:

Is it better to use the tracking data in AE and mask it there? (i would have to buy AE etc, I am on fcpx)

Should I track the mask first, render, and then stabilize the horizon?

Thank you

Or is this problem only solved with skybox 3D camera tracker because it’s kind of 3D?

I should be able to import a image undistorted into mocha vr. and this is not possible with planar racking, right?

You cannot distort an insert surface full-frame in mocha VR, but you can do this via the remove module.
Just create the clean plate in Remove on the frame you need, then paint out the area in Photoshop.

Here is an example tutorial:

Note that you need to collapse the VR map back to Equirectangular in photoshop before saving in the final flattened image.

thank you. this works. what would be the workflow with a clean video plate?

when the orientation changes due to stabilization the remove plate does not pan.
how does remove work when the orientation changes?
how can i glue the specific maskin area of the remove plate to the track area?

You’d need to create the remove before the stabilization for best results, I think.