Masking out paint strokes


How can I retouch something that disapears behind an object with Silhoette Paint? I could not find some kind of masking tools.


You can use either use painted alpha or shapes created in the Roto node as masks when painting. See the Alpha Channels section of the User Guide on page 54.

Ah! Thanks!

@tobiundtron I love to hook up a Paint node below a Roto node and besides that standard connection I also hook up the yellow object output and input on the nodes and click the Show Shapes box in the Paint window on the lower right. Then you can see your spline when you paint, and adjust the blur, etc., of the spline itself to help out with the edges. You can also check the Hide Brush Outline while Painting in the Paint preferences and when you paint, your cursor will disappear and the shape line will disappear and you can see your painting unobscured by the shape line. Note: this does not work if you have an opaque or white alpha.

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I think this does not work in Silhouette Paint Plugin…

The paint plug-in automatically has a Roto node connected to a Paint node. So, yes, it works as Katie describes.

@tobiundtron Is there something not working how you would expect? I have recently been using this workflow in Nuke.