Masks form Mocha shape animating but not shutting down in AE

I’m having a bizarre problem. I have a feeling that it will be some simple detail I missed the workflow. I’m a beginner AE user. I wanted to to cut out the model I shot in studio and composite her in a new environment.
I went through a lot of tutorials and I spent a massive amount of time trying to figure out this issue.
I have created several shapes in Mocha AE. Some of them are activating only for a certain amount of time. When I export shapes from all layers into AE CC, some layers work correctly (the ones that are applied for the whole length of the video) The ones that should be visible only for short amount of time work too, but when they should be off, they stay without any movement. Suter weird!
Here is a screen capture of this effect happening:

Please help.
I’m out of ideas how to fix it,
All the best!

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Are you pasting shapes in on the first frame? Is the source clip longer than the trim in AE? You’re probably pasting keyframes off of the timeline, you’ll need to grab them on your layer in AE and move them into the right location.

the clip is trimmed to be exactly the same length as the comp. I made in Mocha 7 layers with masks. 3 of them are through the duration of the entire clip. They work fine. 4 other ones should appear briefly since I trimmed/set point out for the layer in Mocha. The preview in Mocha looks good, then in AE does not.
Am I using some weird way to control the appearance of the shapes?

I notice the image is sideways here but not in AE. Are you pasting this into a precomp? Is the frame rate the same in mocha and ae in your comp and project settings?

Trimming the layers in mocha won’t be respected in AE, it will just keyframe until the layer ends at the last shape keyframe, you’ll have to move the shapes offscreen in mocha for best results there. So that might also be your issue.

Thank you so much!
it was your second advice. Moving shapes offscreen fixed the problem.
After trying everything else I was close to giving up. Strangely none of the tutorials I’ve seen explain that AE doesn’t respect Mocas trims.

Yeah, it’s an AE specific problem, along with some other pieces of software that only use shape keyframes. I always move my shapes offscreen when I am done if they’re going in AE.

That’s really frustrating that Adobe didn’t take time to resolve the issue. The biggest surprise to me is that Mocha AE is a part of After Effects, not some random 3rd party plug-in.
Either way, thank you again! now I can finally focus on working on my projects instead of fighting with a software.
All the best!

I don’t know if they can without changing the way roto works in AE. It’s less an oversight and more of an implementation limitation, I think. Glad you’re all set!