Masks Intermittently Disappear in AE

Please forgive me, I just left to go out of town for the weekend. I will send the project file asap.

I imagine Boris FX has access to the AE curve format and could add the AE spline type but you still would need to bake it as the Boris splines have transform values associated with them?

So I vote that AE should acknowledge what an important partner Boris FX is and implement your spline types with integrated transform values and interpolation.

I am sure there is cost and corporate relationship factors which I am seriously underestimating.

@maryp I’ve just emailed the project file to you and @MartinP

Thank you all for taking the time to address it.

Happy to take a look. It’s @MartinB, but I will forward it to him. :slight_smile:

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To me it looks like your tracking data has completely flipped around which has caused the compilation of the spline keyframes to cause instability in the AE mask.

My recommendation here (not seeing the original footage) is to either retrack without shear or mainly do manual keyframing. It looks like you’ve had to use a lot of manual spline keys to key the layer at the same spot, so it seems like you’ve not been able to get a good track on this area.

This is a common occurrence and highly sensitive on feather amount. That makes it difficult to catch on the user end.

Any way to prevent the flipping to happen in the first place on the solver end?

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Likely the flip is coming from shear and perspective, so you can turn that off an it should prevent it in the future. Or try without perspective.

@MaryP @martinb

I hadn’t been using the perspective option for rotoing but under the “essentials” view, I could see that shear was enabled. I disabled it and attempted the track again. After exporting the mask in AE the same result still occurs. It also doesn’t appear that anything is “flipping on itself”, from the positions of the points, though I’m not entirely sure what that would look like visually. That being said, I’d be happy to send a small clip to you to try out.

Hmm, ok, that sounds like there could be an issue with processing the footage and we should investigate.

I’ve emailed over a new project file and clip to check out. I’ll add here what I included in the email:

I think it might be worth noting that I found the glitch to appear only after utilizing 13 or more points for tracking, whether shear(skew?) or perspective were On or Off.
Expansion by “1” will not produce the issue but anything over will. I haven’t found any noticeable correlation with the feathering amounts on my end.

Looking back, I didn’t really need that many points to track this clip, as you’ll see. I’m still fairly new to this and getting my bearings and working out ways to be more efficient. That being said, still odd that it happens.

Thank you all for helping and providing such great support.