Mastering-Silhouette training products $75.00,?

Hi, can i ask is this course just about Silhouette or are there some AE bits thrown in that are going to catch out people like me who don’t have any Adobe software,
also for a novice like me am i going to be able to understand it, do i need some background in this type editing?
I’m asking because although I’ve been doing basic editing for 16yrs, i’ve got your full suite, plugin & standalone & understand a lot of it, there’s still quite a few nodes i’m totally in the dark about even after reading the help notes , & watching every video you have on the website , more than once :man_facepalming::exploding_head:

PS, just thought i’d refine this a bit,
I have Mocha so i’m fairly comfortable with tracking, what i don’t know i think i’ll pick up through practice,
The visual effects & filters are fairly obvious, again practice in applying those,
I think the main thing that gets me is the order in which things like some of the matte nodes etc. should be joined in the tree, on their own they do nothing so it’s not easy to work out their function through deduction, they need to be applied consecutively with other nodes,

Hi there,

Did you check out the course overview?

Thanks yes, that’s partly why i’m asking, there’s quite a bit listed but it’s a bit brief, it is pretty much just a list,
Sometimes in the videos there’s a moment when whoever is doing it says - ‘’ , and we need it to ,, so we just add ,, node’’
I’m left looking at the screen, rewinding, playing it again, searching your site or online trying to work out what that node does or term means, i can see what it did but why it did it is another thing,
Like i say i’ve got a little experience but if you gave this course to an absolute novice with 0 experience or a brand new apprentice could they follow along,

Ideally, but to be fair it’s probably a bit out of date. Let me ask @bencuriousturtle-com if he has any other suggestions.

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Thanks Mary, I’ll prob buy it anyway, if i don’t understand some of it now i will later, i’m the sort who gathers as much info as poss & then i have it all to digest, some stuff will make sense when i read other stuff if that makes sense, & Ben is a good British boy, he explains things quite clearly,
& i enjoy the challenge of trying to work some thing out that boggles the mind at first, there’s a huge sense of satisfaction when it does come together & makes sense :+1::+1:
Keep well :+1::blush: