Match moving a difficult track with lighting and perspective changes

Hi All,

I’m trying to match move a logo on a hat on a shot that has a lighting/perspective change that is making it difficult.

Basically we’d like to put a team’s logo on the front panel of the hat, but with the perspective and lighting change it’s making my tracks hard to stick and the perspective is kind of wonky.

I’m wondering what you all think the best way to attack something like this is.

A link of the clip I’m referring to is below. The logo should be on the hat the whole time, including the beginning and end when the light comes on/off.

Thanks for the help!!

This looks like a stabilize motion/corner pin tracking project to me. The lighting changes would be done using an animated mask and compositing options. If there is enough detail in the front of the had you could track the plane in Mocha, then expand the selection, export the corner pin tracking data and use this technique to do the animation and distortion of the logo: Advanced Corner Pin With Mocha AE - YouTube

The tutorial demonstrates the technique that I would probably use to get the composite started, then I would do the color correction in the pre-comp and work from there.

If I get a chance tomorrow morning I’ll try it with your footage.

I’ll give that a try, thanks Rick.

You might also find the grid warp tool in the Mocha Pro insert module very helpful here.