Matte Clip not loading properly

I’m attempting to import a Matte Clip that I’m exporting from nuke. I’ve tried png and QT prores to use as my Matte clip. I’m also working anamorphic. When I import the clip it’s either at the wrong scale, even though I’m applying the 2 PAR, or it just fills white to my spline shape. I’m certain that the matte is being rendered to the correct format. Any helpful solutions? I’m using the ofx version btw.

Is the matte black and white with no alpha OR does it have an alpha?

It’s just black and white w no alpha.

I did somehow get the png sequence to work properly for a bit. Problem was when relaunched mocha my matte clip time offset didn’t appear to stick even though I saved it. Overall the matte clip function feels buggy with the version I’m currently using.

I’ve had issue where I import the clip into the layer but when I go into the clip parameters tab, all of the clip info is correct but the matte isn’t showing up. Only the import button is active and not the delete button.

I’ve also imported a new matte clip from the clip parameters tab successfully.
But when I use the drop down on the the layer to apply it a covert to greyscale window pops up and then opens the import clip window.

Odd, ok, and you’re on the latest version and you’re importing mattes by creating a new layer and then using the Matte Clip setting under Layer Properties to assign it to the layer? If that’s the case, I am going to let @Martinb know this might be a bug.

I am doing all of that. Yeah, I’m getting lot’s of parameter and check boxes that randomly are greyed out. Happy to answer any questions @martinb might have.