Matte clip

In what situations is the MATTE CLIP option used in the LAYER PROPERTIES panel?


When you load in a pre-rotoscoped black and white render of a matte, this is more important for large houses with outsourced roto.

Can you show me how this mode works with a visual example?

I don’t have one, but there may be instances where you have already created mattes for one or more objects in the shot, for example using a keyer or another roto tool that would help you isolate areas to track. You can import such mattes by creating a new layer and then using the Matte Clip setting under Layer Properties to assign it to the layer.

The “import” option will bring up a dialogue box as is pretty standard, and you can load a black and white image into the matte clip. Black is transparent and white is opaque. This matte should show up in red as an image overlay in Mocha.

Are you just curious or are you having trouble importing mattes?

What are such manipulations with substrates for? I am doing a thorough video course, and therefore I need to know your program thoroughly at the deepest level. You can create an instructional video with your understanding.

OK, well, try that import and let me know.

The workflow is usually used when you need holdout mattes but someone else has done the roto.

Do you have a video tutorial on working with Matte Clip?

This video shows the general workflow:

While this is from an older version of Mocha, the technique is more or less the same for matte clip importing.

I know how to export the matte. I also know how to import a matte. You will tell me why you need to import the matte, for what cases. You can schedule and record a new video?

The two main reasons are:

  1. You have existing roto or mattes from other places you want to use or add to with Mocha
  2. You’ve made hundreds of layers and want to compile them down into a single matte for less complexity in the project and faster render times.

For example, if you already have a partial chromakey you can import it to use over a green-screened area to hold out the matte when tracking.
You may have data from another roto house and need to clean it up or want to use it for foreground removal in your paint job.
If ytou’ve done a tonne of motion blur mattes in Mocha you can render them out and re-import them for faster renders elsewhere in the project.

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Sensible answer, Thank you