Matte files, Dust busting, BCC or Mocha?

I have a short film shot on 16mm and the neg was cut. So, I need to do some dustbusting and these are the workflow options I’ve ID’d with the products that I own: Mocha Pro Avid Plugin, BCC Plug in. The Color work on the film will be done in Resolve since their Color Management is much more transparent/reliable.

  1. Use the Mocha Plugin in Avid. Import the matte file that was generated by the IR dust map in the film scanner. This is a 975G format (is that compatible?)

  2. Use BCC dust and scratches in Resolve (assuming my license works with the OFX plugin). However, I can’t see where the BCC plugin can import a matte file. Even when I use the Mocha pixel chooser, I don’t see the layer options that include “matte file”.

  3. Use the Resolve dust busting tool without Mocha or BCC. Not sure if Resolve has the ability to import the matte file or if it works as well as Mocha. I’d use Mocha Pro inside Resolve except that it currently does not work in Resolve.

  4. Buy another license: A) Mocha Pro standalone / or B) Fusion standalone and use my Mocha plugin inside of that. It seems like a Fusion stand alone might add some tools to my tool belt and if I could do the round tripping more easily this way .vs going into Avid for the VFX and dustbusting.

Anyone been through this before?