Matte for layer?

Hi, i’m trying to get this in my thick head as it always puzzles me when i come to do it,
I’ve done this quite a few times now & I now know it’s this way around but it always feels wrong -
When i put a mask/spline layer on top of another layer to isolate/define/mask the area i want showing of the insert clip on the below Layer, i have to go to the insert layer below - (Layer 2) Insert tab, Matte for layer 3 in this case,
my head says i should go to the top layer 3, the matte/spline layer & label that as matte for Layer 2 not the other way around, i already have a jpg as insert for layer 2,
surely it should be Matte ‘from’ layer 3, or i should go to Layer 3 & label that as Matte for Layer 2,
I hope this makes sense :sweat_smile:
Is there a simple answer to why it’s this way around? Thanks.

To clarify:

  1. Each layer has a matte, either defined by the spline or an imported matte clip
  2. The layer your draw for your insert plus any foreground layers above this layer is used when you check “Use all foreground layers” in the Insert Module
  3. Alternatively you can select a single matte from ANY ONE layer to do the matting

In your case, the layer you have inserted the insert clip on in Layer 2 and your foreground layer is Layer 3, so it looks like you only want to matte with Layer 3, as the Layer 2 matte seems smaller than area you need.

You do not need to apply any Insert commands to the layer that doesn’t have an insert to render.

Thanks :+1: