Matte recommendations?

I’ve got a zoom video (I know, don’t judge) that I’m editing and I’d like to be able to matte out the background and take advantage of the tracking available in Silhouette to do so.

I know the hair will give me a bit of trouble.

Is this something I should even consider doing or am I setting myself up for hours of keyframe fiddling?

Any experienced words of advice?

@michaelh With a lot of roto and tracking, you can certainly do this shot. However, give Power Matte a try. See the attached images and project. Your success with Power Matte will depend on how well you track the shapes as well as how accurately you maintain the distance between them. If the distance between the shapes is not maintained, you will get matte chattering. Please refer to the user guide and tutorials on how to use it.

After using Power Matte, you can use a Roto node to touch up the matte.

Project file can be downloaded from here:

Thank you, that was very kind of you to provide a project.

What does the curve on the left do?

The shape on the left is needed to get rid of gray matte values that were occurring in that area. While viewing the matte, select the shape on the left and set it’s mode from Background to None. You will then see what it is doing.

That was one reason I asked, I changed the type to none and nothing happened.
[time passes]
I see now, I needed to try to change frames (hit play or ‘next frame’) for the node to update.

My Viewer > Update mode was set to Drag, so the update occurred immediately without having to change frames.

hmm, I don’t seem to have that option and I’m running the latest update

The Update mode is available in all versions.update

Thanks. Green user here.
Turns out mine was also set to drag. The matte doesn’t get updated (visually at any rate) until I do something to cause the window to be redrawn.