"Matte width does not match image"

Hi y’all,

just got a new error I haven’t seen before. I had a fresh canvas and drew my first simple mask, and when I hit Track Forwards, this error pops up:


I’m using the footage as third resolution when tracking, so it’s a proxy. Does that have anything to do with it? The original footage is an 8K EXR sequence, and it was very slow in Mocha Pro on my computer, hence the proxy/third workflow.

Any tips on how to bypass this error would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Assuming you are using plug-in, what host? I would try 1/2 res proxy.

Also note, that if it tracking data export as goal, you could down res your footage to 1/3 scaled jpegs, do your track, then relink the project to the full scale files before exporting the track data. Mocha should scale to the source file dimensions.
hope this helps,

I’m using After Effects 2018.

I’ll try your workarounds, thanks! :slight_smile: