Mattes come out bad

The sooner the better.

Thanks! I am confident that all the issues will be resolved…

We are working hard at releasing Motor 1.1.3 as release candidate to everyone on our forum. We have addressed many issues, in particular the random PPC Mac issues and doing our best to get a release out on 5 May 2007.

The release candidate should be used for testing and we do not recommend using it for actual production i.e. keep a copy of Motor 1.1.2

More on this tomorrow!

This release addresses the random render issues.

Please confirm which version of Motor you are using and perhaps attach a frame or two so we can see what you are talking about.

I’ve rotoed a piece if HD footage and in Motor things look fine. Great in fact. But when I export the mattes they come out all funky and unusable. I tried single frames, and animation. I still get the weird mattes with very jagged edges(even with edge smoothing)

Anyone else with the same problems (On a mac)

I am using Motor v1.1.2
Attached are frames of the shot (HD).

Hope this helps to help fix this problem, if a problem it really is…