Max resolution in Mocha VR


Hello Everybody!

I was just wondering what the maximum resolution is for working with Mocha VR.

When trying to open the Mocha VR Effect UI in AFX with my high res footage a memory error occurs. When opening the effect with lower res everything is fine.

My System is an HP Z840
Xeon E5-2687W v4
RAM installed 256 GB
Nvidia Quadro M 6000 24 GB

Win 8.1 Pro 64bit

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Things start to slow down at 4K and get very slow at 8K but we have had people work in very high rez footage, it just depends on your settings and it depends on the codec or whether you are using frames instead of a movie file. Frames tend to be faster. You can also cache your clip for an extra speed boost. Or you can work in proxy mode.

What is your host software or are you using the Mocha Pro standalone?



Hi Mary!

That’s sad to hear… We are producing Fulldome content for a 8x8K Fulldome at 60 fps. Thus we need to handle material with 12x6K Equirectangular. We are capturing with a GoPro Rig with 10 cameras with each at 4K60fps.

So far we export Cineform MOV out of Kolor Autopano Video and after that we work with Premiere and After Effects with Mocha VR Plug-in. Maybe we will give framewise workflow a try, but the amount of files - and single file size as well - let us use movie files so far.

Will I have to switch on proxy mode in Mocha itself or is it enough to use proxies in AFX?

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Yes, unfortunately, any sort of VFX heavy lifting calculations start to get slow past 8K no matter the software, it’s all about hardware at that point. Since you are using the plugin, you do not have to make proxies specifically for Mocha, you can simply turn the viewer in AE or Premiere to quarter rez. Though After Effects has a great workflow for using proxies, where you simply bring in the larger file and right click it, then create a proxy file you can use to greatly increase working speed. When you need to render, you switch back out of proxy mode. I would try that to shave as much time out of the pipeline as possible.



Ah, I see. I was always startled by the warning message of Mocha VR about 1/4 resolution - so I alwayys switched back to full rez… I’ll give that a try and will see how I come along.

Thanks for the help!

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