Media Composer Text Effects

Hi all -
I’m having troubles applying sapphire effects to text in Avid Media Composer. For example - I want to apply a glow effect to a piece of text on Video layer 2. Video Layer 1 contains a background piece of video.
I’ve used Boris type on text to create a a bordered text on V2. Now I want to add GLOW EDGES. The problem is that whenever I apply a sapphire effect, it applies it to everything and not just the text.

How can I isolate effects to JUST text in Avid ?

In the BCC Type On Text effect, change the Background menu near the top to None. This will temporarily make the text appear over black, but it will preserve the live alpha channel. Then if you Alt+Drag S_GlowEdges on top of it the glow will affect only the text and you can set the final background using the Background menu in the Sapphire effect. If that doesn’t work, double check to make sure that the Composite group in Type on Text has Apply Mode set to None, since if it’s using an apply mode the composite over the background will happen right away and there won’t be a live alpha channel to pass onto the Sapphire effect. (The Type on Text Apply Mode is None by default so probably don’t need to worry about that step.)


Thanks for the reply. I’m afraid that did not work. When the Type On Text background is set to none, the glow appears to only be on the Text - which is great. But as soon as the background is set back to Filter layer, the entire image is covered in glow edges.

Apply Mode is set to None in the Composite group as well

Make sure you are setting Background to 1st below in the S_GlowEdges, not in the BCC Type on Text filter where it should remain set to None. If that doesn’t work please include a screenshot of the parameter setup.

That worked! Thanks for the support jclement!

Glad to hear it!

I’d like to use this same thread to throw out another text request. I’m trying to wrap the Type on Text with UltraZap bolts (like how you do in the Sapphire Essentials Render tutorial). But in Media Composer, there is no UltraZap menu option for Path To Follow… any suggestions there?

on V1 I have Type on Text, then I’ve alt click dragged S_UltraZap on top of that.