Media in FBX export

It would be useful if the FBX exporter allowed you to embed media eg a logo on a wall etc.
A 3D object would be even better.


Hi Mary

I meant actually add the logo (or 3D onject) within Mocha and have that included within the FBX file. The Mocha FBX exporter only exports the camera and nulls - I’m assuming this is correct ?

I’m using Mocha Pro exclusivelywith 3ds Max. Exporting an image or 3D object (eg plane or cube would help with alignment etc.


As long as you create an object and hook it up to a null, you can. If you need to attach moving objects to a moving null, you can do that too. Check out the video breakdown on the solver and let me know if I am not understanding your question correctly.

I can submit it as a feature request, but currently, you’re right; there’s no way to do it right now. Though the nulls should align properly in a plane.