Media Mangament - Mocha Pro/Davinci Resolve


I am using Mocha Pro 2021 Version 8.0.3 for OFX alongside Davinci Resolve 17.2 and have noticed a weird workflow between the two when managing media between a Resolve Timeline and the Mocha Pro interface.

For example, if my Resolve timeline had a 3 second clip that was originally from a 10 second clip in my Media Pool, when I go into Mocha in Fusion, Mocha will take the original 10 second clip instead of the 3 second clip on my timeline, even though the 3 second one is the one in my Fusion comp. I’m curious as to what could be causing this, or if there is a setting in either Resolve’s or Mocha’s management that I am overlooking.

I have currently made a workaround just by precomposing the timeline clip into a compound clip, but I am wondering if there is any other way to create the solution. Thanks for any and all insight into this situation!

We are working for a solution for this and I am going to poke @martinb about it. In AE the solution is pre-comping, but I am not sure how to isolate the range in Fusion.

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In general, we take the entire clip to make sure the padding is correct on the frames, just in case you need to edit your clip to a longer sequence later.
However, it SHOULD be cropping to the frame range.

I assume this is coming from the mediain node?

That’s correct, Martin, thanks for the response! What I’m usually doing is cutting my in and out points on the edit page for the timeline, then taking the clip into the Fusion Page. Fusion is showing my Media In node as what I cut for the edit page, yet once I go into Mocha Pro the clip is the original length before I did any work in the Edit page.

This just seems to be a limitation in Fusion page, as applying Mocha to the edited clip seems to trim the clip range as expected.