Megaplate doesn't make a megaplate

Hi folks!

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but I’ve followed the tutorials and read the manual and I just can’t get the megaplate function to work. I set everything up–track, extend the box to make sure my plate is defined, the whole works as far as I can tell. When I press the render button the render bar shows up in the upper right, shows me the frame number matching the frame I’m parked on, maybe progresses a 10th of the way in one brief jump after ten seconds of waiting, then is done with no changes on screen.

I tried making the megaplate area and length shorter and changing the step number and got pretty much the same.

Any suggestions?

Can you send me a screenshot? And is your shape unlinked from the track or linked to it?

I’ve tried it both unlinked and linked. I’ve fiddled with the numbers in the search range too.

You might be asking it to do too much and the math is stalling out. Try using only a hundred frames before and after, 39,864 frames at a time is a big ask on processing.

Try changing your first frame to 39113 (i.e your start frame) and the before/after frames to 750 (i.e the length of the section you care about).
As Mary says, right now you are referencing the entire shot.

Also turn on Autostep.

Getting the same deal after setting the frames as per your instructions. I had this problem with short clips before but those are all strict NDAs and I wasn’t allowed to share.

I tried setting it to 16 and 32 bit. I exported the scene and made a new mov out of it so it wouldn’t be part of a huge clip. I tried setting the First Frame and Last Frame so it was only doing ten frames with 0 before and after.

No progress.

Sorry to hear you are having problems. If you can not share the project, perhaps you can reach out to @maryp or @martinb for a quick screen share to see what is going on.

Happy to remote in and see if we can troubleshoot. You can email me at and we can set up a time and I can get your contact information.