Megaplate doesn't make a megaplate

Same issue here. Is there an easy fix someone can post please?

Hi there,

OK, can you tell me the steps you are using and what version of Mocha you are using? I am able to generate Megaplates. So I need to see what is going on with your process or version to find a solution.

Hi, using latest Mac AE plugin mocha pro version I just downloaded last week, following same aforementioned tutorials. Tried it all again this morning in a new project, with the clip shortened to 8sec from 20sec and it worked. So there’s a bug definitely lurking around somewhere and with no error popup or log that I know of in Mocha, not sure how to track it down.

– is there a resolution/duration limit to a tracked clip to make megaplates work?
– is there an error log somewhere if this happens again?

– should you be able to generate a megaplate with only part of a clip tracked instead of 1st to last frame? Do I need to change any settings under the Megaplate tab in that case?


OK, I do mean you need to tell me your steps, not that you are following the tutorials, as often users think they are following along precisely and missed something. Alternatively, something could be amiss in the host and letting me know your steps can help me find that issue. I can usually see if something was missed if you tell me your steps and get specific. Otherwise, I have to guess and I can’t see what you are doing from here. :slight_smile:

I need version numbers of host and Mocha because there might be bugs in one version that aren’t in another.

There should not be. Try taking your 20 second clip and precomposing it, trim the precomp in the precomp settings, and move all attributes to the new composition. Now try again and see if it fails. If it does, please send me the error message or the log.

There can be a resolution limit if it is outrageously large.

There should be an error in the log.

You need the whole clip tracked to create a Megaplate and have it track correctly to the scene.

Can you send me a screenshot of your setup? If you can’t put it here you can email maryp at

Let me know, and I will be happy to help you.

Mary, now it’s working. Only thing I’m doing differently than before is I’ve shortened the clip and am tracking the entire length of the clip instead of just the part I needed.


OK, you definitely need to track the length of the clip to get a Megaplate from that frame range, so that was probably the issue.

Hi @maryp . I have a similar issue the OP complained about. I have watched your mega plates tutorial several times and read the manual, but I don’t know why it isn’t working when I try to create a mega plate. Is there something I am missing? A user suggested turning off GPU processing, I tried that and it seemed to be rendering but at the end no result.

I don’t mind sharing my project file and footage for you check it. It could be I’m missing something. Thanks!

What version of the software are you on? What is the size of your shape you are creating the plate from? What happens when you click render, does a process start in the upper right hand part of the screen?

mocha pro 2021

hmmm I can’t really answer that but it’s not too big and it’s not small

ok so when gpu processing was turned on, I see no process, but when it’s off I see a process at the …(too lazy sorry)

OK, not too big or not too small? Does it encompass the entire area the plate would need to be created in? That’s the first thing to check.

Second, turn GPU processing off, sounds like it is either not supported or not set up correctly for you.

Also, lazy replies will in future get lazy responses. :wink: Heads up!

The simple practice footage is of a guy walking on a road so I tracked the guy, and drew another shape of the road and subtracted the guy’s shape (placing it on top of the bottom layer – the road) then tracked it.

Then I have this clip where the camera is panning from left to right. It worked when I try to create a megaplate.

The difference between the two clips is that the first one, the camera is tracking the guy or following his movement, and the other, the camera moves from left to right. I want to know if my trouble with the first clip had to do with way the camera moves( I wish I could explain this better) .

A new problem surfaced after creating a mega clean plate from the second clip with photoshop. When I import in the remove module input tab so that I can remove the unwanted foreground object, an error pops up which is:

“Your project is 1920x1080, but the imported place is 3968x1432. Would you like to create a mega clean plate clip instead?”

If i click either of the options, I get a really bad remove.

So I am confused here. Because I created a megaplate and retouched it using Photoshop, then imported it again, thinking every thing would be fine.

Thank you for your support. @maryp

Well, it may be the shot has a lot of parallax. If you have a lot of parallax, removes are never going to look super nice unless you split everything up into planes.

If you have a clip that is panning and it’s panning for an incredibly long distance or if it is handheld there’s going to be a problem with the parallax for sure.

The notice about the megacleanplate isn’t an error, just click yes.

It sounds like, without seeing the shot, there’s an issue here with multiplanar motion reduced to one plane and it is giving undesirable results. If you can, you can email the clips to maryp at and I can take a look but I bet my guess is correct. You need to likely split this shot up into a bunch of removes, or even more likely just a series of patches, and then paint out any other issues by hand.

Remove is a great tool, but there are some shots it just isn’t appropriate for.

Let me know,

FYI, had the same issue today in After Effects. I went into preferences and manually selected the GPU.

Use GPU Processing
OpenCL Device
automatic [switched it from automatic to the GPU installed in my PC]

In my PC I have 2 GPUs. Both are NVDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.
I changed the default Mocha preference of “auto” to GTX 1080 #2 in my system.

In a second test, I also turned GPU “off”

Both worked and a mega plate was created successfully. However, with “auto select GPU” no megaplate was created.

Mocha Pro Plugin 2022.5
Version 9.5.0

In future, we hope to change the default to choose the most viable GPU (which is usually the display GPU), but generally, we do recommend selecting a GPU if you get problems.
It can be difficult to get the right one automatically, as configurations for every system are different.