Megaplate exporting error

when iam ready to create a megaplate and export it out then it showing “failed to save image…: illegal conversion”


Alright, that’s a new one for me. Let me ask the Dev team.

i tried another shot and it worked fine …but not worked on that shot .i don’t know why… Thank You for the reply @maryp

Happy to help. Can you send me your build number and your Mocha log (under mocha>help>view log)? I am going to see if we can track this down and repeat it.


actually i closed that project without saving and done another shot …is it ok if i send log on this file?

What’s nice about the Mocha log is it logs everything. :slight_smile: So it will have it in there unless you also deleted the log, which I doubt.

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This sounds like a bitdepth issue, but i’d also be keen to see the log.

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