Megaplates and grain

Hi! I love the megaplate feature, but I have a couple questions. When I make a megaplate, how does Mocha handle the grain? From what I can tell, there does seem to be some frozen or remnants of grain in megaplate, but I could be wrong. Would smoothing help that, even though that parameter is more suited for artifacts? I do sometimes degrain/denoise my footage prior to making a megaplate. Thank you!

Hey Katie,
Glad you are liking MegaPlates. We have not had as much feedback on this feature, so the more users speak up, the better.

Mocha is not doing any grain removal in MegaPlates, so doing the degrain/denoise pass should really help. Since the module is building 1 frame across temporal frames, the cleaner the input the better the result.

Adding denoise/degrain is a feature request on our list.

Ok, thanks Ross! It’s kind of what I thought, but wasn’t sure. I use the Mocha Pro plug-in inside of Silhouette and I can denoise my frames in Silhouette prior with the Neat Video plug-in, or the Degrain node. I have to render out the DN pass first if I am using Neat Video. My footage is not visible in Mocha if I attach the Mocha Pro node to my Neat Video output, which is fine as it’s much faster to precomp it out before making the megaplate. If I use the Silhouette Degrain node, I can just attach the Mocha Pro plug-in to that and move forward, just as a data point. But, I always (as most do) pcomp out a DN first. :wink:

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