Memory buffer

Failed to allocate memory buffer. Please free up system memory by closing other applications
Has anybody else encountered this and solved the problem?

Thanks for your reply,
It is a very short short and I haven’t as yet solved it using the “workarounds” that you have suggested - However I have solved the shot using the much simpler method that you so clearly described in your previous post.
I still don’t understand this error message however - Is there a minimum requirement for RAM/Hard Drive space?

If you’re doing a remove on a long shot you can encounter this error. Try adjusting the settings in your remove module to step every 5 or ten frames or so, or have mocha look in a shorter frame range for your remove. The more frames you have mocha disassemble and reassemble along the track in your remove module, the more memory it will use.
Let me know if that solves your issue.

Hi Adrian,
I’m curious that you are getting this error on a short shot. Those techniques I mentioned aren’t workarounds so much as proper techniques for dealing with long shots that are designed into our remove system, its “working as intended” to adjust those settings for better and faster results in your removes, or indeed to make some long shots possible at all (1000+ frame shots require adjustments of these settings).
There is a minimum requirement for HD space and memory with mocha, but you can set memory preferences in your mocha preferences. You might want to adjust your hardware rendering settings in preferences and see if that solves your issue if you continue to have problems with it. It might be that your memory preferences are low and need to have more memory set aside for mocha to use. Without seeing your settings it is difficult to diagnose.
Take a look at your preferences. :slight_smile:

Pretty often.
I’ve notified the developers about this problem.
I still cant figure out what could be the reason, because sometimes it works with the same conditions.