Merge Project-keyframe offset issue on trimmed source clips

Was recreating the Digital Makeup & Age tutorial…ran into this problem concerning Merge Project and source clips that have been trimmed. In the tutorial, we first do the tracking of the clip (I’m using the new plug-in and AE). After tracking, I have exported the mocha project (in order to reuse the tracking data in the next step). Next, using the BCC Remove on an Adjustment layer…we turn on pixel chooser and launch mocha. In mocha, we Merge Project (from the one saved with the original tracking). The rotos show up, but the tracking data is not there. I suspect a keyframe offset problem. Now, my original clip was first trimmed in the AE timeline, before tracking. So, in the original Mocha project, the first frame was 846, based on the trimmed start time on the AE timeline. Now on the the Adjustment Layer Mocha project, Mocha starts at frame 0 (the first frame of the timeline). I don’t see the tracking data in the Dope Sheet, but I suspect it is probably there, just starting at frame 846. This plug-in project won’t let you zoom out far enough to see the keyframes? Is there a way to SLIP this tracking data? In the tutorial, the clip also starts at frame 0, so this wasn’t an issue.

This use to happen in the old workflow – before the plug-in method – when we pasted the tracking data from Mocha clipboard to AE, but in AE, we could select the tracking data (that was pasted sometimes in the wrong timing, because of the same “trimmed clip” dilemma), do a CUT of the keyframes, then repaste to the start of the clip. That was my workaround.

Hi there,
Yes, if you’re finding the frame numbers don’t line up, the data in mocha won’t line up. You can however open the dope sheet and move the keyframes, to do that you’ll need to change the trim of the shot so you can see the keyframes off the timeline.

You can also trim the comp in AE to the viewable area and that can trip the clip better. When you open mocha again as a plugin it should have trimmed the timeline for you so your data won’t paste offscreen.

Can you try that and let me know?


Mary, so by changing the duration of the comp in AE, I was able to finally see the keyframes, and slip them in the Dope Sheet, as I thought, and per your suggestion. This seems quite cumbersome though, trying to figure out how much to change the duration to. My source clip had a timestamp starting at around 02:00:00:00. So, we are dealing with over 200,000 frames of offset – as compared to the Mocha version of the Adjustment Layer. Seems like a lot of trial and error to determine. Seems your 2nd suggestion was trying to address this, by pinpointing a closer range. I think you meant to extend out the full rest of clip in the AE timeline to help determine the temporary comp duration? I need to experiment further, but seems there might be a better workflow than this. Perhaps merging Mocha in Adjustment Layers is not the way to go.

I have had these trimmed clip offset problems years ago with Shapes in the early days of Mocha. Every version keeps getting better about this, and the Plug-in almost completely addresses it (when applied directly to the clip…yeah!), except in the case of an Adjustment Layer. I was experimenting with pre-comps in AE, applying Mocha to the Precomp instead of the source clip, hoping that would calculate an offset, but couldn’t get it to help. Seems Mocha still uses the actual frame numbers of the source video, even when embedded in a pre-comp.

I think if you trim the adjustment layer to the size of the clip you should be fine, but the issue is the mismatch in length. It’s probably not the workflow you want to use, but right now it’s a workaround for the workflow you’re using. We are exploring how best to deal with these sorts of workflows on our end too. Thank you for letting us know how you’re working.