Mery popin help with this please prospective?

just uploaded this video now if the quality is bad check back after few minutes.

i need help fixing this prospective issue. basically, i am trying to do a simple insert test.
but as the airplane turns around the logo’s prospective alignment goes well off.

This video helps to see where the issue may be. You did not isolated the plane wing and included it in your main shape. Foreground occlusions may affect your track, and that’s why you may get that drift.

Please watch the Office hours example that I shared with you in previous topic, this will help you a lot to understand the concept of planar tracking.

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ok watch this updated video. made it again only this time tracked a small portion of the body so the wing does not get tracked.

i know how to make a garbage track mat just for the sake of understanding i wanted to know how to fix this issue.

A new video just uploaded

please watch Video 2022 10 26 122742 - YouTube

ok i think i did or maybe wrong correct me.

i used the adjust track to fix it.
is that the right one

Airplane’s body has its curvature, it is not a completely flat surface. That’s why it’s almost impossible to setup such big Surface Plane that will look correct both at the beginning and at the end of the shot without any adjustments.

I would try this approach:
Setup your surface plane at a frame where the airplane looks most flat to the camera. Then adjust the curvature of the surface plane in Insert module at the first and last frames of the shot. Something like this

honestly looks nice.
can you please make a effort to make small video start to end just how to fit the logo on,

Just a couple of observations:

1/ If you are wanting to replace the aircraft’s airline name with a replacement name, the tracking area is over-sized compared to the size of the airline branding on the aircraft. if a much larger name is desired, maybe be more conservative in sizing to overcome the curvature effect referred to earlier.: and

2/ In the video in the original post, the aircraft’s winglet intruded into the tracking area towards the end of the video.

Nice points @dexcon !

Right, it all depends on what and where you need to add. A smaller surface plane will require fewer edits, if needed any at all.

ok i did this correct me if i did it right,

tracked body.
insert tab : show logo
now i adjusted the logo using ( planer surface ) on the flat area of the airplane.
now go to adjust tab and click the ( set all points ) button.

now move the preview slider to the point the aircraft is turned.
now use the planer surface again and adjust it so the logo is aligned.

that’s all I did.

now if i scrub through the timeline it looks smooth.
is there another way?

i shared the image sequence.
can you show a tut how you replace logo your way please.

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