Mesh not working in AE with Premiere insert clips

Well, I hope that title made sense. I have been trying to figure this out all day. My normal workflow is to open an AE comp from the Premiere timeline. But for some reason, regardless of what I do, no tracking data seems to stick to those clips, thus nothing works out with the pre-comp workflow, etc.

Finally, I decided to just export the clip out of Premiere as a stand-a-lone mov, open it in AE, then everything worked.

So, my question is…is this a known issue, or just me. And if just me…help.

and the latest version of Premiere, AE and Mocha Pro.


Try taking whatever comes out of Premiere as the linked AE file, precomping everything and moving all the attributes into the new comp, and trim the clip in the precomp settings, then apply Mocha Pro on that and it should solve whatever the disconnect is from AE to Premiere. When in doubt, precomp.

That worked. Thanks! I was trying the pre-comp technique, but never thought of trimming the clip. Usually the linked clip I export is the exact footage I need, so thanks for the fix. Hope they resolve this bug someday.

It’s the complications of working within a Premiere container (AE linked comp) and then having a super long clip that hasn’t been actually trimmed with tails as you would expect for a VFX workflow (in AE). I think this might be the workaround for a while. And precomps are definitely a thing in AE. Since it is layer based and not node based, sometimes layers need to be collapsed to get them to behave correctly.