Mesh Track - Dealing with Alembic Meshes that look triangulated

I have a 275 fr Wig fix that I’m trying to add a painted fix too and then use a Mesh export to comp in Nuke.

It all works fine except for the fact I’m dealing with hair and over time the you start to see the mesh in the rendered painting as it distorts the input and what was a smooth piece of hair starts to distort around the mesh vertices.

What’s the best way to deall with this other than manually adding more subdivs which just seems to leave a “finer grained” distortion ?


I would just hand animate the Insert Module mesh on top of the PowerMesh track inside of Mocha and render it back to the timeline with feathering and motion blur to avoid this. As long as it looks right, it is right.

But if you have to have it be alembic, then yes, you likely just need to subdivide more for a more articulated distortion.