Minor Annoyance on Windows

Not sure what the new process for submitting feature requests for Silhouette is since the old ticket system is no longer there…

I recently moved form Mac to Windows, and there’s an annoying issue on the Windows version of Silhouette. In the output node, when selecting the filename the Windows file dialog requires an extension to be present, otherwise the ‘Save’ button doesn’t work. Except Silhouette doesn’t want an extension in the ‘File’ field as it’s automatically added. So I have to add ‘.exr’ so I can close the dialog, and then I have to go into the field and remove the ‘.exr’ before the render. Otherwise I end up with filenames that read ‘abc.exr.001.exr’ which just looks odd.

I think this is one of the options being passed on to the Windows file dialog that is inconsistent here. Might be nice to add to the list. Obviously not a high priority.

A recent Windows update caused this issue in SFX 7.5 and below. The issue has been fixed in SFX 2020. If you are still using SFX 7.5 or below, when the File Browser opens and you navigate to the folder you want to render in, use the following syntax: name.####.exr and click Save. If you use this method, your will not have the double .exr extension you mentioned.

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Ah, I will try that. Yes, I had also been working in 5.7 because of the OFX issue and not realized 2020 and 5.7 were different on that. Thanks for the quick responses on a weekend :slight_smile: