Mismatched stage size between AE and PI

I am using PI 2021.5 in Continuum. When I place an emitter in the scene it is visible in both the PI stage and AE in the appropriate place. However If I attach the emitter to a path it works appropriately in AE however in the PI stage the emitter and path is larger than the frame and I have to use the front view (3D mode) to see the entire path. It appears that once I have the emitter on a path it is overlaid on the PI stage at twice its size in respect the frame on the PI stage.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or missing a setting.


I just noticed that it appears approriate in both AE and PI if I use “All Path Sequentially”. It behaves as I described above if I use “Choose Single Mask”

Any chance you can share the project with me? I’m not seeing this happen.

Or – can you do a screen recording so I can see exactly what’s going on?

Here is a link to a recording and a simple project. Hope this helps.

Very helpful – thanks for taking the time to do this!

Try setting your AE preview to “Full” instead of “Half” and see if that fixes things for you.
It’s definitely an issue, and strange that it only happens in the “choose path” mode.


I confirmed that it is a problem with the preview resolution. Thanks!

My pleasure. It is great to work with an organization that response so quickly to an issue.

Take care,

Selecting “Full” instead of “Auto” or any other resolution does resolve the problem when going to PI. Interestingly if you select “Auto” and AE sets the resolution to “(Ful)” it still is out of sync.