Missing HUD for transitions in premiere


coming from Avid to Premiere on Mac 10.13.6 / BCC 2019 (M+C+S 2019)

I don’t see the HUD (head up display) of BCC transitions in Programm Window in PP, the lines, crosses, rings, etc. . Though I see BCC HUD when usiing video effects (the rings).

Anyone experience same issue? Its a real drawback for working with bcc transitions, if I have to dial in all the numbers in the effect control window from scratch.

In Avid on same machine everything working out as expected. Tried/ compared different transitions on AMC and PP.


This is a Premiere host bug that they introduced in 2017 and still haven’t fixed yet. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it on our side and the fix needs to come from Adobe. It happens for all transition plugins in Adobe Premiere, not just Continuum, and even the host-provided native point pickers don’t draw. We’ve discussed the issue with Adobe and they are aware of it but haven’t yet come out with a fix. We would encourage you to report this directly to Adobe to add weight to their impetus to fix this.


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We nudged Adobe about this again and they said to say that they are “Tracking it as DVAPR-4210497. A fix for the issue is being considered, for inclusion in future releases.”

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I contacted german adobe support via chat. Hinted them to this thread. They say “They don’t support third party plugins”. Do you have an example for the ‘host-provided native point picker that don’t draw’? The color pickers work for me as far as I can judge it.

By “host-provided native point picker” I mean that the host itself draws the point picker cross-hairs - unlike all the other HUD widgets that are drawn by our plugin. Those host-drawn cross-hairs are also missing for NLE transitions in Premiere. So for example if you apply BCC Lens Flare Dissolve it contains two native point pickers for Position Start and Position End and there are not cross hairs for those widgets either.

Furthermore in more recent versions of Premiere this bug can be reproduced with their own native VR transitions that they ship so it has nothing to do with 3rd party software. For example, apply their VR Iris Wipe, VR Light Rays, or VR Sperical Blur transitions. Notice that they all contain point picker params but they don’t draw any cross-hairs for them.

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