Missing new particle illusion emitter library

HI All
Have updated to PI 2015 (After Effects plugin) and also downloaded and installed the 2021_5a_Particle_Emitters, but when i reopen AE and used the plugin, I don’t see any new emitters (just the ones that were there before). The installer was approx ~1GB - where has it installed the new emitters?
MacBookPro, Big Sur, Radeon Pro 460

Hi There,

So when you launch the PI GUI, you can see that there is a search field located above the emitter library browser. When you type 2021.5 into this field, what result are you seeing?

Also, have you tried this in the standalone version? And if so, what is the result?


Also, just want to make sure you’re looking at the emitters inside the PI UI – not using the “load” or “FX Browser” buttons that are in the AE parameters. THOSE presets have not changed, and are different from the “emitter libraries”. The emitters from the emitter libraries are only visible inside PI.

Thanks for your replies - the presets don’t appear in AE, but I’ve found they are available in PI once I use the ‘Launch PI’ button.