Missing paint data

While trying to render the shot, getting error “Paint 1 : Missing paint data”.
Paint backup & strokes are in same project folder.
Attached error scrren shot.

Please select a stroke in the Auto Paint window and provide a screen shot of both the Auto Paint window and the Viewer.

A customer provided me the workaround below that may help you. This is assuming that your paint.dat file actually includes paint stroke data.

  • Save as a new project and created a new blank paint node and save it for generating the main folder structure for the new project file
  • Paint zero opacity paint stroke to generate the paint folder
  • Copy all the paint data from the 8, F16 or F32 folders as well as the paint.dat file from the original project file and paste into the new project’s blank paint directory
  • Close Silhouette and reopen it to redirect the paint strokes automatically to the new project file
  • Rebuild on this new paint node and majority of the strokes should rebuild after this

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the work around, will try it & let you know.