Missing Particle Illusion presets

Anyone know why, from a brand new install, I would only have a small amount of presets?
I have _Sampler.il3, Custom.il3 and Emiters_2020.5.il3 and that’s it. Porbably about 60 in all.
There are nowhere near 2,500 so I just wondered if I need t get those from somewhere else?


You need to download the extra presets. Go to the support/downloads on Boris for website and download them.

Thanks Graham. :+1:t3:

Curious: didn’t a page popup when you first ran PI with a graphic that said “download the additional emitters”?

Hey Alan,
Sadly, no it didn’t. I did download and install the standalone version to have a quick play before jumping on board with an annual subscription for Continuum and installing that, so I though that might have messed things up.
Does that help at all?

Alan. I purchased the continuum 2020.5 for the Mac and it didn’t give me the message either. I had to download from the support site.