Missng colour channel when importing an exr sequence


not sure if this is a bug. but i have an issue where when i import and exr sequence it is missing the blue channel. it only happens on this specific sequence. it is happening across all frames, and it is not repeatable across other software (mistika, resolve). i have copied the content locally in case it was an issue with my local storage but its is not.

running linux centos.
using silhouette standalone.

Welcome @Dan_B Can you send one of the frames for me to take a look at?

Unfortunately im unable to send a frame due to Non disclosure and talent being in frame.

The EXR’s were exported from Nuke. what i have done in the meantime is export an intermediate render from Mistika so that i can work with the images.

This may or may not help, but rendering the EXR from Nuke with Interleave set to Channels may help.